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Sketch of the planned exterior of the Cultural Center with benches and greenery

Cultural Plaza LAUNCH

Friends, supporters, community invited to the official groundbreaking event Feb. 25

It’s a big day for the Cultural Plaza, which has been nearly five years in the making. The Center’s board of directors and the Plaza Campaign Leadership Committee encourage the whole north Lincoln County community to attend and enjoy this celebration of art, culture and partnership with them. Plaza construction is scheduled to begin in March.

Join us for a momentous and celebratory event on Saturday, Feb. 25: the official groundbreaking for the Lincoln City Cultural Plaza. The ceremony will begin at 10 am, rain or shine, on the west lawn of the Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy. 101. A reception with coffee and sweets will follow, inside the center in Margaret’s Meeting Room.

Tree removal could begin in March

One of the first actions will be to remove the trees from the project site. This highly visible work could begin as early as the first week of March. We’ll be planting back nearly three times that amount, with a greater variety in deciduous and conifers, all throughout the property.

Community-based design

The Lincoln City Cultural Plaza project will transform the outdoor space around the historic Delake School building, turning the grounds into a pedestrian-friendly plaza filled with dedicated installments of public art, gathering spaces with seating and brick patios and spaces for outdoor arts education, connected by a meandering pathway. Additionally, the redesigned traffic flow will include new parking areas with islands, adequate lighting for evening use, and other upgrades required by city code.

The LCCC Board of Directors has been working on the Plaza design since early 2018, in cooperation with the landscape architect firm Shapiro Didway and Newport-based Civil West Engineering Services. The board has used a community-based process to gather feedback and design comments from our stakeholders, members, general public, and major partners. We are excited that the design will not only be useful, but an artistic and beautiful enhancement to Lincoln City, created in collaboration with the community.

Cultural Plaza Plan Renderings

  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway
  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway
  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway
  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway
  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway
  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway
  • Building Master Plan renderings for a design for the LCCC by Shapiro Didway

Fundraising Plan

In 2018, with the support of a local Campaign Leadership Committee, the City of Lincoln City, and State Rep. David Gomberg, we set out to raise the necessary funds across multiple efforts. 

(Click here for details on the specific fundraising activities)
  • Raise $250,000 in local contributions from individuals and businesses, through direct donations and the sale of commemorative bricks. Update: On June 14, 2020, we reached our goal and filled up the thermometer.
  • Secure additional government funds. Update June 2021: The City of Lincoln City has provided $200,000 for design and construction. State of Oregon Construction Grant for $1.8 Million pending approval in Salem. 
  • Apply for local, state and regional grants. Update June 2021: Grants received from Oregon Community Foundation, Siletz Tribes Charitable Contribution Fund and the Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Secure local support for permanent art and art installations. Update June 2021: The city’s Public Art Committee, Rotary Club of Lincoln City and Lincoln City Kiwanis Club have art installations in process, with completion expected by 2023. 
  • Implement a plan for legacy investments through commemorative bricks, benches, trees and other site furnishings. Update June 2021: More than 200 such items have been reserved through donations from the public. 

In the three years since the Plaza was first proposed, our designs have become more detailed while the construction market has boomed. The proposed budget for the project is now set at $2.5 Million, but our fundraising is still on track. We’re excited to announce that the Plaza is moving forward toward construction in 2022.

We are indebted to the Campaign Leadership Committee, a group of local citizens who have paved the way with significant donations and support.

Here's how you can help



Public art pedestals, nestled in the landscaping beds, will provide a beautiful and stable foundation for permanent or temporary three-dimensional art. Donor recognition and plaque credit for 10 years.



Motion sensitive outdoor lights in the parking area will hold donor recognition banners. Includes base plaque for the life of the fixture.



The Plaza will be Lincoln City’s living room—help us furnish it by sponsoring a comfortable and artful bench. The donor recognition plaque will remain in place for 10 years.


$2000 each

Help furnish this outdoor art classroom by purchasing a durable outdoor picnic table with seating for six. The donor recognition plaque will remain in place for 10 years.


$750 or $1000

The Cultural Plaza project will remove the existing coastal pines and replace them with mature conifers, in compliance with Lincoln City’s tree and landscaping ordinances. A conifer sponsorship comes with a small donor recognition plaque at the base.

• 6-foot Evergreen $750,
(7 available)

• 8-foot Evergreen $1000,
(6 available)


$125 or $250

Remember the special people, places, dates and pets in your life, while supporting this important community project. Plaza Commemorative Bricks will be placed in a chevron design the east entrance, near the handicapped ramp.


$125 or $250

Did you or a member of your family attend the Delake School? Honor the history of this Lincoln City landmark, with names, dates and memories. Delake School bricks will be laid in front of the iconic west entrance to the building.

Why I Support the Lincoln City Cultural Center

"As a teacher and member of New Moon Yoga, I love having our studio at the LCCC. It is a wonderful fit! The Chessman Gallery is a beautiful space and the curated shows are terrific. And, we think it is important that the City knows that individual citizens really care about the LCCC and want to ensure its future success."
— Rocky

"From a small space on the first floor of city hall, to a mothballed school, to the existing facility known as the Cultural Center, home to the arts, both visual and performing .... its been a long journey but well worth the effort. It is an exciting place to work, play and be entertained. It is one of the best assets of Lincoln City, and one of the best investments in town."
— Mary Bea

“It is so impressive that local leaders had such extraordinary vision for turning an old brick landmark into the Cultural Center that it is today. ... It is a great place to make new friends and spend time together as a community. We want to help support this venue so its success continues!” 
— Joan & Darrell Prins

After delays due to the pandemic, the Plaza project is moving forward! Thanks in part to a $1.8 million award from the State of Oregon and the hard work of Rep. Dave Gomberg and Sen. Dick Anderson. Your continued support will ensure this and many other projects benefit our community.

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Plaza Campaign Leadership Committee

Lloyd & Marlene Ankeny
Dick & Sue Anderson
Elizabeth Black
David & Susan Gomberg
Leslie & Brian Green
David & Peggy Hawker
Patricia Heringer
Margaret Juenke
David Price
Ronald Tierney
Majalise and Jacob Tolan

LCCC 2021 Board of Directors

Dorcas Holzapfel, President
Adrienne Greene, Vice President
Dennis Civiello, Treasurer
Binaya Dangol, Secretary
Greg Berton, Board Member
Alan Holzapfel, Cultural Plaza Liaison

And our generous supporters

Dick & Sue Anderson
Lloyd & Marlene Ankeny
Alan & Sherry Bennett
Gregory & Rosanne Berton
Mary Jane Bish
Mary & Michael Buckingham
Jerry & Merrily Burger
John & Heather Collier
Doyle & Pamela Daves
Brian & Liz Fackler
Debbie & Peter Friedman
Leslie & Brian Green

Adrienne Greene
Patricia Heringer
Alan & Dorcas Holzapfel
Marjorie Iburg
Thomas & Fong Kraise
Margaret Leaman
Charlotte & David Lee
Linda Liebeno
Vivian Lucero & Tom Gory
Linda Lutz
Paco & Sharon Maribona
Darrell & Joan Prins

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