New Moon Yoga

New Moon Yoga maintains a safe, user friendly space for mindful pursuits. The studio is operated by volunteers and sponsored by the Lincoln City Cultural Center. The staff and volunteers of the Lincoln City Cultural Center are working toward resuming classes on April 4, 2022. For more information, call 541-994-9994.

We are dedicated to making a variety of styles of yoga safe, accessible, and affordable to as many people as we can.

New Moon Yoga classes are adaptable to most skill levels and experience. Some classes are geared more towards learning and improving poses. Other classes are designed to give a good physical workout. Classes run at least 1 hour and some run longer.


Yoga Classes

Please bring your own mat, yoga blanket, yoga blocks, and any other props you might wish to use. New Moon Yoga can no longer loan props.

9am – Laura C
Noon – Steph

9am – Laura S


9am – Lisa S
Noon – Steph

5:30pm – Charlsy

9am – Dawn

9am – Brady



Yoga Teachers

New Moon Yoga 1


Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5PM

Angela Moore has a joy for yoga that began over 20 years ago as a remedy for pain caused by spinal health conditions. This offering aligns both the mental and physical through stillness, movement and the breath.

New Moon Yoga 2


Fridays 9AM

Brady is a practitioner of ashtanga yoga, which influences the deliberate pacing and focus on breath in her vinyasa classes. This class is suitable for all people interested in practicing yoga. If any questions arise, just ask! Brady loves questions.

New Moon Yoga 3


Tuesdays at NOON and Thursdays at 5PM

Charlsy has been practicing yoga as a student for 20 years. In 2013 she decided to expand her practice by attending Many Rivers Yoga school. She is versed in Flow, Yin, Ashtanga and Hot series. Charlsy and her husband relocated to the coast full time in 2021. She has had the opportunity to live all over the country and the Oregon Coast has become her forever home. She is extremely excited to put down roots in the community. Charlsy is looking forward to meeting you and is grateful to be a part of your yoga journey

New Moon Yoga 4


Thursdays 9AM

A playful dance between breath and movement. A fluid class working on building strength, flexibility and balance. 

New Moon Yoga 5



Everyone can benefit from yoga. Whether your goal is stress reduction, mood stability, increased strength, flexibility, or weight loss, with the right guidance/teacher, all of this is possible.

New Moon Yoga 6

Laura C

Mondays 9am

Laura focuses on a whole body yoga practice that concentrates on flexibility, balance and strength.

New Moon Yoga 7

Laura S

Tuesdays 9am

Get the most benefit from your yoga. Learn efficient and effective alignment that involves moving into and out of poses in a way that safely engages the right muscles in the correct order. Beneficial to beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

New Moon Yoga 8



Iyengar Yoga all levels: These well rounded classes include standing, seated, twists, backward and forward extensions to build coordination, strength, mobility and to relieve stress. We will skillfully encourage correct alignment to relieve physical pain and build mobility while modifying poses when needed for various conditions. Lisa is has taught for forty years to students of all ages and co-created the teacher training program for YogaWorks. Blankets, straps and blocks are helpful
Click here to visit Lisa W’s website

New Moon Yoga 9


Mondays and Wednesdays NOON

Steph teaches yoga because she wants everyone to experience the gift that her practice has given her: SELF-CARE. Her gentle (yet fierce!) approach invites all beings to move with the natural rhythm of their body and find strength by knocking down mental limitations in order to find deeper alignment. Steph’s philosophy: Yoga is ALWAYS a good idea!
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