LCCC Presents:

“What’s Your 8?” with High Fiber Diet

Delightful interpretations of surface designs, applique and fabric painting

“What’s Your 8?” or “…ate? or …eight? or other delightful interpretations in surface designs, applique, and fabric painting. High Fiber Diet, a part of the Columbia Fiber Arts Guild, creates a new theme each year to encourage fiber artists to advance their art professionally and pursue opportunities to exhibit and learn about the exhibit process.

Each artwork in this show represents a different “ate” or “8” word. When you view this collection of fiber art pieces you can challenge yourself to guess the word that each piece is based on and then check your guess by finding the word on the bottom edge of the canvas that each piece is mounted on.

-Some of the words used that Terminate in “Ate” are: celebrate, communicate, compassionate, cultivate, disintegrate, elevate, elongate, exaggerate, frustrate, gate, generate, germinate, intoxicate, legislate, mitigate, perpetuate, pollinate, proliferate, …etc.

ARTISTS Include: Susan Allen, Mary Arnold, Janet Darcher, Peggy Ellis, Diane English, Pat Fifer, Terry Grant, Jill P Hoddick, Sara Shayne Millar, Sherrie Moomey, Jo Noble, Pamela Pilcher, Gloria Richardson, Deborah Sorem and Sarah Williams.

Open for viewing during our working hours. Thursday – Sunday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

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