Paper Beads for a Mother’s Day Necklace (May 7)


DIY Art Relief from the LCCC

You will need a template (see the project sheet below), paper, magazine pages, string, pencil, pen, scissors, glue stick and a stick for rolling (like a small paint brush handle, chop stick or skewer).

  1. Trace the template shape many times on different paper, then cut out the shapes.
  2. Cover the back of the shapes with glue stick, then fold the larger end in on itself.
  3. Roll the paper shape onto a small stick, starting with the larger, folded edge. Try to keep the roll tight and centered.
  4. Slide the rolled up bead off of the stick.
  5. Do as many of these beads as you like, and string them together for a long necklace.
  6. Make a special card for Mom, and give it to her with the necklace. Post on the LCCC’s Facebook page @lincolncityculture.

Wishing you good health and creativity!

Project Files

Download the Paper Beads Project Sheet here:

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