Picasso Style Self-Portraits (April 23)

Description & Instructions

Pablo Picasso grew up in Spain, where he was born in 1881. His father was a painter and a teacher. Pablo liked to draw from an early age. Legend has it that his first word was “piz,” short for “pencil” in Spanish. It soon became apparent that Pablo had little interest in school, but was an extremely talented artist.

When he was 14, Pablo attended art school. However, he was bored with the classic teachings of art. He didn’t want to paint like people hundreds of years ago. He wanted create something new. And he did: cubism.

For today’s project you will need: pencil, colored paper, oil pastels (or chalk pastels or crayons) and a mirror.

Creative Quarantine Art Project for this week: Picasso style Self-Portraits with oil pastel. Give this one a try- it's fun and freeing and we would love to see photos of your work when your done. Enjoy.

Posted by Lincoln City Cultural Center on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Project Files

Picasso Style Self-Portraits (April 23) 1

Student Gallery

Have you made a Picasso style self portrait? Send it to Krista at gallery@lincolncity-culturalcenter.org. We’ll post some of the finished works in this gallery.