Happy Heart Hunt (April 30)

Three Lincoln City entities join forces this week to present a new community arts activity: the Happy Heart Hunt. These partners encourage you to show your community spirit by making paper hearts, posting them in your street-side windows, and sharing photos online throughout the month of May.

Today’s Creative Quarantine Kids art packets include a special stained glass-style heart project, plus extra paper and supplies to create a larger window display for the Happy Heart Hunt. These supplies are a gift from the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln City, with help from the third community partner, the Lincoln City Outlets.

If you can’t make it to the art kit distribution on Thursday, don’t worry. Use the project sheets and videos posted here to make creative heart displays. Post your pictures on Facebook @lincolncitykiwanisclub and #together apart, and you may win the grand prize: a $100 gift card from the Lincoln City Outlets.


Tissue Paper Stained Glass Heart

You will need: Dark paper or board for the frame, wax paper, colored tissue paper, glue stick and scissors.

  1. Start by cutting out a large heart shape in your dark paper or board. Draw a second heart shape inside of this, so that it makes a heart-shaped frame about 1 inch thick. Cut it out.
  2. Cut out a wax paper heart the same size (leave room at the edge to glue the frame).
  3. Cut colored tissue paper into little pieces and use glue stick to stick them to the wax paper heart. Fill the space. Be creative.
  4. Glue all around the edge of the wax paper heart and attach the heart frame. Hang it up in your window with other cut out hearts and enjoy the glow.

Student Work

Junior artists! Send photos of your masterpieces to [email protected].

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