Found fine-art featured in “Art Adoption Month” event

You can help end our art overpopulation problem by choosing to adopt some art in need during our pop-up Orphan Art Adoption Sale, starting on August 7th.

Starting on August 7th, the Lincoln City Cultural Center will have a pop-up Orphan Art Adoption Sale in our Principal’s Office space.

By choosing to adopt some art in need, you are helping to put an end to the art overpopulation problem accumulating at the Lincoln City Cultural Center. Some of this orphan art was discovered in nooks and crannies as we have been cleaning out the building and making upgrades, others are from donations through the years and still, more are left behind after art shows, classes or our rummage sale.

By choosing to adopt some new art you just might find a new friend for life!

Adoption fees for these treasures will be nominal and ALL PROCEEDS benefit the Lincoln City Cultural Center!

We want this artwork to find loving homes in order to make more space for or “permanent collection”. The permanent collection is in its beginning stages and is made up of works by coastal artists that have played a significant role in the formation of LCCC and the arts community of our area and which documents in some way, life and culture on the Oregon coast.

Here’s a sneak peek of the wonderful treasures up for adoption:

Pencil sketch of a "sweet fawn" in grass, dated 12/8/01

Sweet Fawn

This lovely pencil drawing came to us by a generous donation by Barbara Perry. This fawn is looking for a good home, she’s a bit on the shy side and needs a peaceful place to adorn. She watches the door of the art storage closet very carefully, as she hopes someone will walk in and take her home very soon.

Painting by R. Motil that features a woman and a young boy sharing a somber moment alongside a lake.

Beautiful Moment

Next up is a 30-year-old oil painting by R. Motil donated by the Ken and Sandra Dust. This painting can co-exist nicely with any interior or other calm pieces of art. We all love this guy, but he doesn’t appreciate art storage life. Can you help him?

Metal sculpture of ducks in flight

Ducks in Flight

This hand-worked metal sculpture is so good-hearted and ready for a new home. He’s a bit flighty but warms up quickly to visitors especially those with bread crumbs. He’s hypoallergenic and would make a great companion. He loves to nest on mantle pieces and window sills.

A framed illustration of a quirky workshop with clothing mannequins with a book titled "Come One Come All to the Fairy Ball"

Curator’s Favorite, Fairy Ball

Fairy ball is a special original illustration from the book “Come One, Come All, to the fairy Ball donated by Sarah Gayle. This illustration is playful, loving and lighthearted and comes with his own book.

Fairy Ball has won the hearts and minds of our volunteers and staff. He is a very friendly and bold in his bright colors and his book loves laps. Sarah tells us he needs no time to warm up. He even loves strangers! I imagine he’ll move quickly with the special pricing. If you’re interested in him, better come soon!

Come Visit!

This is just a sample of the orphan art that we have ready to meet you. If they touch your heart, we encourage you to take them home. We expect them to go fast!

In the Principals Office inside the Lincoln City Cultural Center
540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

The Center is open Wed. through Mon. 9 to 5pm

If you have questions about a specific artist or other art adoption-related questions, please call 541-994-9994

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