Excuses, excuses

Delayed but not deterred

The dream lives on

I’m not under the delusion that throngs of Oregonians, friends and family, have been clamoring for news about my Oregon Coast Trail hike. But just in case you are among the few loving souls who have been following my quest, here’s the update. My public art tour of the Oregon Coast Trail did not begin in March, as I had hoped. It also did not begin in April, May, June or July. Or August, even.

Every time I planned to begin, something happened to get in my way. In March and April, the rain and wind seemed to arrive every Friday, just before a hike was scheduled to begin. Once the skies cleared up, my family schedule got a bit more cloudy. I’ve got college-age children and retired parents, and everyone seemed to be either moving in or moving out. And, while it was a welcome relief after the stillness of summer 2020, we had SO many summer visitors at our home in Lincoln City.

Things have been busy at the Cultural Center too. There was the LCCC Annual Meeting, and the announcement of $1.8 Million in American Rescue Plan funds dedicated to the Plaza Project. In July, we celebrated the season with festival-style concerts in the Plaza Party Tent. Between our events and the ever-changing COVID restrictions, there always seemed to be something more important than a beach hike. In the midst of it all, I picked up a weird groin injury on my right side. Turns out I’m in my 50s after all.

But even though I was off the trail, we were doing our bit for public art in Lincoln City. In May, we conducted a public poetry writing workshop with Oregon Poet Laureate Anis Mojgani (below) and opened public input on the Lincoln City Cosmography. Both of these projects are being planned for the Cultural Plaza in 2022.

Those are my excuses, submitted for your inspection. But despite it all, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this “On the Path of Public Art” project. As I write, September 8, it appears that I may be able to start on Section 1 this weekend. Shhh.. don’t tell the universe.