April 25, 2020

The life of Fransisco Tarrega.

The life of Fransisco Tarrega. Performed by Lyra Carmer

Posted by Lincoln City Cultural Center on Saturday, April 25, 2020
Lyra Carmer

Lyra Carmer

The Life of Fransisco Tarrega

In this Creative Quarantine performance, Lyra discussed the life and work of composer Fransisco Tarrega. It was her debut at the LCCC. “My relationship with the guitar has been a deeply personal one, it has driven me to pursue seemingly impossible goals, coached me through the most difficult times of my life, and continues to be my greatest joy.” Lyra was born missing three fingers on her left hand, as well as a major section of bone in her left arm, so her musical journey has also been about rehabilitation. She counts among her early guitar influences Jon Doan, Peter Zisa, and Tariq Harb, and the vivid and lush classical style of Augustine Barrios.  After performing for nearly a decade in bars, restaurants, pride festivals, radio shows, art exhibitions, parties, competitions and on street corners, Lyra has now turned to teaching. “I firmly believe in the adage that to teach is to learn again. Seeing a student develop never fails to fill me with a sense of grand inspiration.” You might also know her as a baker, one of the talented pros behind Depoe Baykery, voted the Best Bakery in Oregon by Taste of Home magazine. This was recorded via a Facebook live performance on Saturday, April 25.

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