Why do YOU give?

Your gift makes an impact


Tunes the auditorium piano before a concert


Pays the LCCC's phone, wifi and digital services bill for a month


Covers our quarterly bill for paper products


Annual maintenance contract for the heating system

Why I give to the LCCC

I am so proud to donate to you for making my life so much better, and more rewarding, because of your success and my involvement.


Because the center is the heart of Lincoln City and gives us all a place to belong and express our creativity. Thanks!

Joanne and Ren

We really enjoy what the Cultural Center has to offer. Pottery for Larry. Yoga and dancing for Nanci. Concerts for both of us. Keep up the good work!

Larry and Nanci

We so appreciate the opportunities we've been given to show our artwork in the Chessman Gallery and LCCC Members Gift Shop. Now that we've moved from Lincoln City, we miss visiting the center and all the awesome staff.

Brad and Kathy

Double The Love

Don’t forget that a matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust is free, through our state’s unique tax credit for art, culture, heritage and humanities.

Make your match, then watch your donation work on the coast and across the state.

Give by December 31st at culturaltrust.org.

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