AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK Vinyasa Flow with Katia

Bring Your Own Props & Water

Monday, November 2 2020 @ 12PM

Due to the statewide activity “freeze” this event will not be taking place at the LCCC until further notice. Instructor Katia Kyte is leading a class at this time online on the New Moon Yoga Facebook Page. 

The LCCC staff and volunteers are thrilled to announce the resumption of New Moon Yoga classes! Starting in November our classes will be held four days a week in the auditorium, where social distancing can be achieved more easily. To participate, you must follow these guidelines:

• You MUST go online to reserve a space for each class. Reservations available 7 days prior to class
• Classes limited to 12 participants. Drop-ins admitted ONLY if space available.
• You MUST provide full name, address, phone number and email for contact tracing purposes.
• You MUST be masked at all times and provide all personal mats, props and water.
• You MUST observe social distancing.
• You MUST wash hands before class.
• You MUST follow marked traffic flow patterns in the LCCC building.
• You MUST use provided disinfectants on the floor around your space before leaving.
• Payment will be by donation (please bring cash for this.)
• Staff will sanitize the auditorium regularly.

If you consent to following ALL of these requirements make your class reservations (up to one week in advance) by going to NewMoonYoga.org and clicking on the “Book Appointment” tab on the right side of the screen. Drop-ins will be accommodated if space allows, but all yogis must leave their name, address and phone number for contact tracing purposes.

Thank you for understanding what must be done to offer yoga classes. This is a two month trial period to see if we can offer classes this way. New Moon will have some brand new and some sanitized previously used mats and props for sale at very low cost at classes.