Harmonica Pocket – Free Morning Matinee


Mar 28 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Silly and sweet, The Harmonica Pocket is a youngatheart band from Port Townsend, Wash. Singer-songwriter Keeth Apgar performs catchy, engaging songs with humor, improvisation and play generously sprinkled on top. Apgar incorporates a loop pedal to “build a band” right in front of the audience’s ears. Each instrument is played one at a time to create layers of sound – acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, wah-wah guitar solos, harmonicas, and vocal harmonies. His shows are about connecting with the audience in a playfully positive environment with no wrong answers. Kids (and their grownups) are creatively empowered to answer questions and improvise rhymes, which are then woven into songs in the moment. Sparks and smiles fly as kids hear their ideas amplified onstage. Auditorium doors open at 10:30 am.