Handwovens by Linda Borntrager

Vests, shawls and jackets

Sunday, February 7 2021 @ 10AM

The volunteer-led FASB welcomes Linda Borntrager, founder of WeaveMontana, as the featured artist through March 28. Inspirations for Linda’s hand woven textiles often come from nature where colors and light are so masterfully combined. Inspiration leads to selection of fiber and weave structure and then the vision of the possibilities for the end use of the woven fabric. The creativity of combining all these elements carries Borntrager through each step of the process. Remember, “one has to be warped to weave!” “I weave fabrics to be worn every day, not just special occasions, and in the Pacific Northwest, days in every season. I design simple, classic garments to flatter real people with real shapes and real lives. These are amazing when tried on but not so much on hangers so I encourage every one to try on every garment. The proof will be in the smiles and surprises.” The gallery is open Thursday-Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, and by appointment.