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Professor DR Schreiber, The Historical Conjurer — Festival of Illusions

Wednesday, March 25 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Early in the 18th century, magic (or conjuring as it was referred) emerged as a genuine art form and entertainment. Professors of natural philosophy and conjuring would rent taverns, legitimate theaters or lecture halls for the exhibition and displays of legerdemain, necromancy, or what would today be called “illusion” and “magic tricks.” Top dollar would be paid by the citizens of Europe to see the latest discoveries in the science of “natural philosophy.”

Today, Professor DR Schreiber presents an historic look at the beginnings of modern magic in his performances and exhibitions. Join Professor DR Schreiber as he leads you on a stroll through the past centuries of conjuring entertainment. His presentations entertain while educating the audience about historical events, literary and cultural figures, and the science and art of conjuring.

The Historical Conjurer will be on stage on March 25 in the Festival of Illusions, Lincoln City’s weeklong spring break fun fest at the Cultural Center. Tickets are $8 for youth, $16 for adults, $14 for seniors and students — and LCCC member discounts apply!