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The LCCC is presenting a regular dose of live entertainment created by a member of the LCCC Family—musicians, artists, poets, volunteers, exercise instructors, club leaders and everyone in between.

Since the series began on March 26, the CQ Studio series has presented concerts by fiddler Kevin Burke, and the brew-making duo Matt & Amy White, as well as a foray into augmented reality poetry by Ger Killean and a live concert from Ecuador featuring Oregon Coast favorites Familia Chayag. Upcoming sessions will feature piano and vocals by Halie Loren (May 2), jazz by Ben Rosenblum and studio tours of some of the coast’s most interesting artists.

The full schedule can be found in the Live section of the FB Page.

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The life of Fransisco Tarrega.

The life of Fransisco Tarrega. Performed by Lyra Carmer

Posted by Lincoln City Cultural Center on Saturday, April 25, 2020
Lyra Carmer

Lyra Carmer

The Life of Fransisco Tarrega

In this Creative Quarantine performance, Lyra discussed the life and work of composer Fransisco Tarrega. It was her debut at the LCCC. “My relationship with the guitar has been a deeply personal one, it has driven me to pursue seemingly impossible goals, coached me through the most difficult times of my life, and continues to be my greatest joy.” Lyra was born missing three fingers on her left hand, as well as a major section of bone in her left arm, so her musical journey has also been about rehabilitation. She counts among her early guitar influences Jon Doan, Peter Zisa, and Tariq Harb, and the vivid and lush classical style of Augustine Barrios.  After performing for nearly a decade in bars, restaurants, pride festivals, radio shows, art exhibitions, parties, competitions and on street corners, Lyra has now turned to teaching. “I firmly believe in the adage that to teach is to learn again. Seeing a student develop never fails to fill me with a sense of grand inspiration.” You might also know her as a baker, one of the talented pros behind Depoe Baykery, voted the Best Bakery in Oregon by Taste of Home magazine. This was recorded via a Facebook live performance on Saturday, April 25.

Creative Quarantine Studio presents Pipedance

A Sunday matinee with Pipedance, the husband-and-wife team of Gary Burman and Nora Sherwood. They’re all about Irish tunes and songs, featuring uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles and bodhrán. Look for a little of Nora's percussive sean-nós step dance!

Posted by Lincoln City Cultural Center on Sunday, April 26, 2020
Nora + Gary = Pipedance


Celtic Duo

A sweet Sunday matinee with Pipedance, the husband-and-wife team of Gary Burman and Nora Sherwood. They’re all about Irish tunes and songs, featuring uilleann pipes, flutes, whistles and bodhrán, with a little of Nora’s percussive sean-nós step dance. They were busking for one of their favorite causes, the St. James Santiago Church Hot Meal Program. This was recorded at 2 pm on Sunday, April 26, at their home in Lincoln City.

Creative Quarantine Studio: Halie Loren and Daniel Gallo

Halie Loren and special guest guitarist Daniel Gallo perform for the Lincoln City Cultural Center’s #CreativeQuarantine series!Tip jar:Paypal: @Halie-LorenWanna support Halie’s music in another way? You can buy her physical or digital albums, songs, & merch at

Posted by Lincoln City Cultural Center on Saturday, May 2, 2020
Halie Loren and Daniel Gallo, at their home studio in Eugene

Halie Loren

Of Course!

On what would have been the day for the LCCC’s sixth annual Culture, Of Course! Benefit, the CQ Studio presented a gala favorite: singer/songwriter Halie Loren. Halie made our 2018 “Under the Sea” event a very special occasion, interpreting classic tunes with help from guitarist Daniel Gallo. Today at 3:33 pm (chosen so that her fans in Asia don’t have to stay up too late) Halie performed a blend of original music and favorite covers from various eras and genres, delivered with heart and positivity. They share their songs of hope and connection from their home in Eugene. This was recorded via a Facebook live performance from Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday, May 2.

Chayag Family: Andean Folk Music

“Chayag” means “to arrive” in Quichua, the indigenous language of the Incas. To people on the Oregon Coast, it means the fascinating multicultural music made by Alex Llumiquinga and his many collaborators, performing on a variety of instruments from around the world. His current project is a story told through traditional Andean rhythms, narrated by his youngest son, Andres, and musical performances by the rest of the Family Chayag (daughters Korayma, Ameli and Kelpi, and wife Irene).

They’re spending their Creative Quarantine in Ecuador, where they’ve been living and recording together. This was recorded via a Facebook live performance from Ecuador on Sunday 4-19 @ 2pm.

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